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& Sufi Gardener's Diary

"This Place is a Dream"

~ Dschalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad ar-Rūmī , Poet & Sufi-Master


The Art of Paradise

My name is Kirsten Roya Azal, Woman, Artist, Gardener, Healing Spirit. My passion are the Art and Science of Islamic philosophy, medicine, psychology, gardens, flowers, plants and herbs.

On this website, The Art of Sufi Gardening, I introduce history and ideas behind Islamic and Sufi garden designs, their relationship to mental health, environment, oneness with nature, philosophy, animals, science and humanity.

Islamic Garden Design Tutorials

Plants in Islamic Gardens, Introduction

In the earthly Islamic paradises we find Fig, Cherry, Peach, Citrus, Pomegranate trees, and Almond, with their abundant blossom...

Features in Islamic Gardens, Introduction

In hot, arid climates the promise of water is a design imperative, but so too is the concomitant requirement for shade...

Geometry in Islamic Gardens, Introduction

In Islam exist sacred numbers that are incorporated in architecture, art and design and in the landscape design of gardens...

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